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Blisko V by Michał Sokołowski

Michał Sokołowski (Poland)

Blisko V / Close 5

Linocut, water-based paints print on 220g Rosaspina paper

30 x 30 cm


"This linocut is from the series about bodies, skin, touch and all that intimacy can mean to different people. Some of prints are more romantic, some are warm and innocent and some can be read as erotic (homoerotic) and sexy : ) I use three colours in this series: white as a great background in shape of a circle; light beige for skin of one person and darker beige for the other. For me these colours not only speak of two people caught in their tender, intimate situation. I don't use prepared paints, I mix them by myself and that's why I find it important to present different shades of skin colours, just like we are different from one another and it's beautiful. It's not stricly about interracial intimacy, but about all slendid nuances that makes all of us unique.

One of these homoerotic prints, for me, is about male sensitivity that seems to be disregarded. Its tittle is "Blisko V". I name this series "Blisko", which means "close" in Polish because this is the simplest word I could use. The Roman numerals indicate the order of their creation.

This print is a reduction linocut, which means that each colour layer is made from the same lino stencil. As a result, the number of prints is limited by the making process. I don't use a press. Instead I use a wooden spoon and my strength. I love the imperfection of this process, those scratches and fracture I can achieve with my hands only."

Instagram @mchlsokolowski

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