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Déluge in Cluj

Hortensia Mi Kafchin and Flaviu Rogojan are exhibiting in Cluj, Romania, at Zina Gallery.

The exhibition called Déluge is opening on 14 May until 26 June 2021.

The press release states: “Aquatic imaginaries seem to direct our vision of the world. They lie in the vastness of the oceans from which life once appeared and on the glittering surfaces that comprise what we still call the blue planet - our Terrae. A flood [fr. déluge] is a powerful tool for creating fictional universes and narratives about a force that transforms the environment. Borrowed from Old French, the word 'déluge' lies between 'flood' and 'dilution', an 'overflow' and, in the end, leaves emotional traces. More than just a localized flood, the image of a flood sinks the world, turning it into a completely different habitat. From the dark depths, alternative perspectives float to the surface. Revisiting ancient times, when the geographical area of ​​Cluj was part of the bottom of the Tethys Sea, the exhibition brings together two local artists who use aquatic metaphors to unfold time, navigating through different temporalities. The common fascination of Hortensia Mi Kafchin and Flaviu Rogojan - underwater cadres -, reflects, at the same time, on a strong narrative of their generation - the "informational sea" that surrounds us and sometimes drowns our daily lives. Kafchin and Rogojan are connected on a very personal level to multiple layers of the contemporary art scene in Cluj, a city without access to the sea, from where they embark on a maritime journey", concludes the curatorial text..

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