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Liviu Bulea in Rotterdam

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Chrysalid Gallery is showing OF WANDERING CONCRETE AND A DISPLACED CAMERA, featuring works by Afghan photographer Ferdows Faghir and Romanian artist Liviu Bulea. The exhibition is on display 21 November 2020 to 28 February 2021, in Rotterdam.

What is the connection between the works of the two artists, what brings together a displaced portrait camera and a conceptual reflection on a brutalist environment? Marth von Loeben, the curator, explains in her presentation: „The definition of home varies greatly from person to person. What someone might call their home, could be the epitome of persecution and hostility for someone else; and, at the same time, the birthplace of an individual is not necessarily considered a safe space either”, says von Loeben and she adds: ”In the exhibition, both artists are presenting their own definition and interpretation of this concept and the different shapes it can take: concrete, wood, soil, plastic, natural fibres and construction materials are all blended together to tell a tale of two different countries and different experiences.

Liviu Bulea says: ”Our only thing in common is talking about home, but each of us refers to his own country, and his own experience, in his own style. It is what our curator wanted, to bring forward two artists that depict the same topic from their different perspectives.

Photo courtesy of Chrysalid Gallery

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