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Onirique Black and White, Fabien Ghernati

The Onirique Black and White exhibition by French artist Fabien Ghernati opens on Thursday, February 3, 2022, starting at 5:00 p.m. With a French-English title, cosmopolitan like the world we live in, the exhibition in Bucharest, at the newly opened ARTHUB / ARTHUB Garden on 10, Budisteanu Street, proposes ten ink works on paper, because the artist, Fabien Ghernati, is a French architect who is drawing under the motto "Ink today, myths tomorrow".

Ghernati's lines are firm, the shapes are clearly cut out, but the ideas belong to an interpretable land that has more to do with surrealism. It is a very black and white graphic, in a surreal-magical register, with shapes that come from a collective imaginary related to video games, tarot-zodiac-occultism, but also with a subtle, but strong queer eroticism. Ghernati's drawings are provocative not for their eroticism, but for the associations they propose.

Fabien Ghernati is the first artist to respond to the invitation to participate in the project - WE'RE HERE the Project in 2020, so it was natural to be the first guest artist with a solo exhibition in the series of visual dialogues proposed by the project starting in 2022.

A event, in partnership with ARTHUB Bucharest, APAC and, hosted by Grădina ArtHub and promoted by dakommunication

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