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Paul Mureșan's Barn Exhibition Comes from Salicea Village to Bucharest - Well, What Have You Done?!

Paul Mureșan's artwork is displayed at ARTHUB Bucharest, 10 Gen. Budișteanu Street, in the main hall, from 5 to 12 October 2023. "Well, what have you done?!" brings together 29 graphic works in an eclectic selection from the artist's fabulous personal universe, opening a window to stories and reflections about longing, death, false memories, existential terror, and... cats, along with a looping video projection titled ”Stream of Consciousness”.

"They seem like innocent works in a frame, but when you look closely, you see a little bit of death, and your heart slowly drops from your chest, as an artist who saw them told me. I think a lot about death and the fear of death. But the atmosphere is very friendly, relaxed, and warm, so I invite you to the exhibition, to talk," declares Paul Muresan.

The artist adds: "I live in the countryside with my partner, and I divide my time between my drawing and the household chores. For a few years now, I have wanted to do a solo exhibition with my drawings... and, finally, we decided to transform our dusty barn, a place where we stored everything, into an art gallery where I exhibited a whole summer's worth of drawings: from June to August, I made a lot of drawings, and because there were no external pressures regarding themes, techniques, presentation, or cats, I drew and exhibited exactly what my brush wanted!" This exhibition has already been presented in the barn in Sălicea and at the Gong Theater in Sibiu.

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