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The Rasovszkys in Infra-Noir

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

„Sport is OK, veggies are OK, Magnesium B6 is OK ok, but the best is when everything is blowing up."

The first ever collab between Lea Rasovszky and Gheorghe Rasovszky is published as an insert in Infra-Noir, an ArtEncounters publication.

Lea Rasovszky explains: „We were invited to contribute to the publication by Diana Marincu and Mica Gherghescu and our contribution started to transform into something that is now a stand-alone thing. It all began from Surrealists and the creative games they used to play. Together with my father, we had a couple of sessions for these exercises and the result of our playing is published in the insert.”

While we were preparing the magazine with Mica Gherghescu, we were wondering how to bridge artisttic generations, and how to include contemporary artists that embed the spirit and approach of the Infra-Noir group. This is how we were led to Lea Rasovszky - and to Gheorghe Rasovszky, they both have the playfulness I mentioned” says Diana Marincu.

Infra-Noir is the first issue out of three planned editorial apparitions by the foundation in Timisoara and it is published on the occasion of the "Infra-Noir. Anatomies of Desire, Metamorphoses of the Image” exhibition to be opened in Timisoara, this spring, in collaboration with Centre Georges Pompidou.

The magazine-like publication edited by Mica Gherghescu and Diana Marincu, also presents two brand new texts written especially for this occasion by Catherine Hansen and Mica Gherghescu, texts which are conceived as a glossary of terms to navigate the Infra-Noir universe. Of course, the publication is rich on visual content and it reproduces drawings by Paul Paun and collages by Adrian Ghenie, but also a typed manuscript by Dolfi Trost, as well as the surprise-insert with the artistic collaboration of the two Rasovszky.

In Bucharest, the publication is available, free of charge, through Dispozitiv Books, str. Popa Tatu nr.20.

Photo Alice Voinea, courtesy of Editura Art Encounters, 2020

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