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21 Polaroids by Raul Balica

Raul Balica (Romania)

21 Polaroids (We keep dancing, while we try to reach Eden)

Polaroid photography


”Through this series of polaroids, I refer to the desire of people to live at peace with themselves, with what they really are in essence without hiding from prejudices from the outside. I intend to highlight the juggling between genders, male and female, the emphasis falling on the male character presented in a vulnerable light. At the same time treating the subject of masculinity in accordance with the femininity and delicacy of the connection between the two. Along with these aspects, the external interventions of altering the image, respectively of distorting the subject bring into view the dream area, offering a mysterious, idyllic feeling. Finally, I want to bring visibility to the LGBTQ + community through this contrast of genders in such a way that it dissolves, and the presence of certain symbols (flower, pomegranate, beast) that refer to certain aspects of life and strengthen the individual." - Raul Balica

Instagram @earowen_

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