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Quarantine by Meraj

Meraj (Iran/Denmark)


Pen on paper

105 x 148 mm


I am a visual artist and scholar from Iran, currently living and working across Austria, Denmark, and Poland because of my studies. I started my studies in art schools and then shifted to cultural studies, and I found a common ground of my interests in the field of new media arts.

I have been drawing since I remember. For the past 12 years, my medium was drawing and recently new media. These years have been collected into 14 sketchbooks until today, and the so-called “The medium is the message.” I started exploring my personal feelings through drawing in sketchbooks. The sketchbooks have been a safe playground to face with my covered feeling. I focus mostly on the relationship between gender versus sex, the poetics of the male body, the paradox born of the masculinity and tenderness of the male body, the imposed roles by society onto ‘men’. I explore spaces in my researches and art. I draw my lived experiences and occasionally inspired by prose or poetry.

Instagram @meraj.sharifi

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