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Unseethat by Efthymis Charmalias

Efthymis Charmalias (Greece) Unseethat Videoart 2020

Unseethat is Efthymis Charmalias. An artist from Athens, Greece.

Unseethat is creating queer art, touching on different topics, and plays around with boundaries. What do we believe is pornographic? What do we consider too much? How do we chose to expose ourselves in real life and on the various digital platforms? Also, testing the limits of what can be published on social media. How comfortable are we with our own bodies and sexuality? Is sexual revolution becoming sexual oppression in certain ways? On the video “Location: Athens”, a big metropolis is becoming the playground of what if… What if there were huge murals depicting men’s genitals or homoerotic love scenes? How would the majority of the citizens react? What does it mean to have something that is in many societies is a taboo subject or even persecuted enlarged and placed in the heart of a capital city? Is it a step towards acceptance or just a provocative act?

Videography: the artist

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