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WE'RE HERE @ Bucharest Gallery Night 2020

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

First, there was a TV screen. A plain and simple TV screen - it must have been the ‘80s, TV was big in my ‘80s. Then it was a video installation, a simple one: a video playing on loop - alternative, maybe grunge, like me in the ‘90s, very MTV. Later, the idea started to shape and complicate itself, pretty much like the new millennium - I though to myself let’s bring in the actual art works. But a collection is not an exhibition, or isn’t it? It can be, if there is a curatorial concept: COMING OUT. Coming out of the closet, often shortened to coming out, is the LGBTQ+ people's self-disclosure of their sexual orientation or of their gender identity, a privacy issue, a psychological process, a journey, a decision, a risk, a strategy, a rite of passage, liberation, emancipation, feeling gay pride, overcoming shame, stigma, career suicide - no fear, no shame! At this stage WE'RE HERE felt like the second coming and a second coming out at the same time, fully transgressing into my professional life. So here we are, literally unpacking notions like “coming out”, “diversity”, and, most importantly, “whatever makes you happy”.

My deepest thanks to the participating artists for their patience and trust. And for being true to themselves and their art:

Fabien Ghernati (France) Aris Tureac (Romania) /\lexāndre (France) Liviu Bulea (Romania) Bassel Moussa (Syria, Italy) Lea Rasovszky (Romania) Frank Xarate (Argentina) Adrian Florin Pop (Romania) Miss Natasha Enquist (Canada) Paul Mureșan (Romania) Dan Toma (Romania) Laceoni (Romania, Portugal) Emiol Capet (France) Tiberiu Căpudean (Romania, Spain) Hortensia Mi Kafchin (Romania, Germany) Rémi Segalas (France) Ian Stone (Canada) Michał Sokołowski (Poland) Gili Avissar (Israel) Otilia Cadar (Romania)


Thanks and acknowledgements

Lucian Dobrin, Ana-Maria Chirilă, Alexandru Stanciu, Cătălin Năstăsoiu, Deea Rădulescu, Bogdan Cotîrță, Galerie Judin (Judin GmbH), Nicoleta Radu, Mircea Cioponea

The event takes place in a covered, but naturally ventilated, industrial yard, OBSERVING THE STRICT ENFORCEMENT OF current social distancing and prevention measures: compulsory mask covering mouth and nose, non-contact temperature measurement upon admission, hand sanitiser dispenser etc.

Address: Strada Ceremusului nr.3-5, Bucuresti

Saturday, October 3, and Sunday, October 4, 2020

6 PM – 12 AM

Price: Free

Duration: 6 hr


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